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Ready to align with what you want and create a rhythm in your life that will allow you to create more money, time and play you’ve come to the right place! There has never been a better time for women to take the lead in their life and businesses. It’s the perfect time for you to have a powerful shift! This is the time to show up for you.


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So what’s keeping you stuck? Bottom line: many of us are setting ourselves up for failure. We do this by setting unrealistic expectations for our goals and timelines. We complicate our business and allow our fears to dictate our outcomes. We believe that its “too late,” we are not “good enough,” “who would listen to me?” and “who am I to…?”

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“If you have a dream in your heart you have already been given the ability to achieve that dream” - Mary Kay


You weren’t born to play small. You were born to show up boldly and courageously. You were born to: fulfill your dreams, live with joy and embrace your family and get back to play.

While you may be wishing you could make more money, have more time and fun, you won’t achieve this until you relinquish your limiting beliefs.

It’s time to get past Ready, Set . . . . . And GO!

Lauri’s 7-Steps to a Life in Rhythm will show you:

  • How to align with and use the 7 basic universal laws
  • How to recognize limiting beliefs and patterns and clear them out
  • How to Clarify your Vision
  • How to learn to honor your unique talents and strengths
  • How to create powerful partnerships for your business and personal life
  • How to make quick powerful decisions that align with your values, talents and strengths
  • Two simple steps you can take to increase your income, grow your business and create more time for yourself and your family

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt