Need to Add More Clients, Customers or Team Members to Your Business? 

Join the FREE 7-Day Comfort Zone Challenge  

Do you want more clients and customers?

Do you text or email people who are interested in your offer, but you don't hear back?

Do you want to make more money but unsure of how to follow up and talk with people in a way that makes them want to work with you?


In just minutes each day we’ll show you how to find the magic at the edge of your comfort zone. Get more clients, customers, & team members. In just 7 days, we’ll dare you to find the spot where bigger and better results lie. We’ll dare you to be bold, reach out, follow-up, & go where you haven't gone before. 

If you miss a day, that’s ok. Let yourself off the hook, dust yourself off, & get back on the horse. Sitting at the edge of your comfort zone isn’t easy, but falling off and getting back on is how you get better. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Learn how to sit in the magic as you consistently show up, crush the challenges, and begin to grow your business. 

All you need is a few minutes to watch a quick video and the courage to create bigger and better results for your business.

During the 7-Day Comfort Zone Challenge, you'll receive short emails with a quick video and challenge for that day. With each challenge, you can experience the exhilaration of sitting on the edge of your comfort zone. This is what I like to call the "Magic Zone". We aren’t going to throw you completely out of your comfort zone. You don’t need to go there, we're just going to expand the edge for 7 days, so you can begin gaining new clients, customers, and team members! 

Whether you've been putting off calling those leads that are stacked up and staring at you, spending time on social media and not getting the results you want, or sending emails to follow-up with no response … the 7-Day Comfort Zone Challenge is for you! 

The 7-Day Comfort Zone Challenge is designed to build your muscle around stepping to the edge of your comfort zone. The "Magic Zone" that requires bold courageous moves & a willingness to go get what you want. This is the first step in adding more new clients, customers, & team members then you have before ... & it is NOT OPTIONAL. If you want to create bigger & better results in your business, then sitting on the edge of your comfort zone is a step you cannot skip!

 Join the "Magic Zone" and I’ll see you on the other side☺ 

Meet Lauri

Lauri works with entrepreneurs ready to make more money, increase sales and eliminate stress. As a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) specializing in sales, leadership and human design, Lauri’s trademark program, Dial for Success, helps her clients find their unique sales process so they really enjoy the sale process, work from their strengths, and make more money then they ever have, without trying to fit into a one –size-fits-all sales system.

 Lauri has helped coaches, direct sales leaders and business owners in a range of industries increase sales by 200 – 400%+. She enjoys the adventurous lifestyle of Carbondale, CO with her husband and 2 children, 2 dogs, 2 cats and fish.