Thank you, Lauri! You have quite literally changed my life forever! I was introduced at a very early age to the concepts and beliefs that you have shared with me, but had never been given practical, doable steps and exercises to use in the application of these principals. Your approach to life and the laws and principals of success has made it possible for me to transform my thinking and my self-image beyond what I had ever thought possible for myself. My entire life has changed in the most positive ways, because I have changed through the application of your process. The time we have spent together has been priceless to me in every way! You are a gift and a treasure!
Cari Holland
Lauri helped me to move beyond feeling stuck, see my business and associates produce more and to stand in my power with al my relationships.
Deborah Korbal
Lauri encouraged me to follow my dreams at a time when I wasn’t sure I could. I am now a published author and do exactly what I love.
Robyn Cruze
I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Lauri Rubenstein as a life and business coach. I have worked with Laurie for just a little over one year. Her support and coaching have brought changes in me that others actually notice. People have told me that they have seen a transformation in me over this past hear. I absolutely attribute my transformation to Lauri’s wonderful support. Lauri has helped me discover that I held beliefs about myself that have kept me from being the person that I truly am. She has also helped me realize that we all do the best we can with the tools that we possess at the time a situation occurs; therefore, she enabled me to let go of tons of guilt. This empowered me to establish and grow a new business. Lauri has also helped me deal with the grief of recently having lost my beloved sister, Jacque. Not only has this helped me move on personally, but it also enabled me to refocus on my business and to support my family in their loss. I truly value my relationship and friendship with Lauri. My experience with her has convinced me that everyone should have the privilege of having a coach – she is the best!
Patricia Pier
I learned so much more than I thought I would – Very valuable information. I expect to get several new ideal clients right away!
Jae Gregory
Lauri’s thoughtful approach is both motivating and empowering, allowing me to build confidence in taking the next step to grow and change my business while enriching my life at the same time. Everyone needs someone “in their corner” and that person should be Lauri.
Debbie Patrick
Lauri and my teammates helped me to be open to the infinite possibilities in my life and the skills to visualize what I want.
Charelene Revoir
Priceless – A true gift to yourself. Amazing tools that become second nature. I have learned to honor myself which makes me a happier and more effective person. The consequence of me being better is everyone around me personally and professionally have become better.
Charla Combest, Interiors by CJ
It’s hard to conceive the notion: “making time for yourself.” But if there were one think you can do to make a positive change in your life; I would suggest working with Lauri.
Susan Flynn
The workshop gave me the tools to grow my business in a ways I never knew possible. Growing it from the inside out, using networking and strategic relationships. Lauri is amazing and have given me such valuable information. Thank you.
Cheryl Hoeke